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2016-17 Season Predictions

Who Can Win Bundesliga 2016/17? 

Bundesliga 2016-17 Season Predictions
Bundesliga Predictions
The Bundesliga only has a handful of contenders that could win the title during the 2016/17 season. It is hard to see past Bayern München winning it once again as they have achieved it four times in a row. With Pep Guardiola leaving to manage Manchester City, it will be interesting to see if their dominance continues. Carlo Ancelotti is the man who has to fill the best manager in the world's boots and he will have to hit the ground running if he wants to keep fans on board. Ancelotti is used to this type of pressure though so he is an excellent candidate to replace Guardiola. Bayern München has bought well with new players Mats Hummels along with Renato Sanches who many believe could become the best player in the world in a few years time. A number of Bayern stars are getting towards the ends of their careers so this fresh blood is badly needed. The new manager has a fantastic balance exciting squad to choose from and as long as key players avoid long-term injuries, they should claim their fifth title in a row. 

The champions who were last crowned before Bayern's dominance was Dortmund. The reason that they have not been able to win the title over the last four years is down to the selling of key players each season. This transfer window they have sold their star men to the two Manchester Clubs along with arch rivals Munchen. They will be heavily reliant on Andre Schürrle and Mario Götze to play to the best of their ability each week and stay out of the injury room. With the large sums of money they received for the sale of their star men, Dortmund has heavily entered the transfer market, hoping to replace the player's sold. So far they have re-signed Gotze and have also brought in top class players Marc Batra,Sebastian Rode, Andre Schurrle and Ousmane Dembele. Buying so many players at once and getting them to bond together will be tough, so it may not be until next season we see their true potential. 

If you enjoy reading free sports betting sites for tips and odds, you will find them all have Bayern as the favorite. The average price you will find is around 1,15 (3/20) but if you shop around you should find slightly better odds. The online bookmaker's second favorites are Dortmund who won it back in 2011 along with 2012. The average price you will find is around 7,0 (6/1) and they are worth a small punt at those odds. Everyone expects it to be either Bayern or Dortmund to claim the Bundesliga title 2016/17. The German league unfortunately have only a handful of teams that have a realistic chance of winning. The EPL is a completely different type of league where there are at least 6 or 7 teams that have a chance of success (you can read more in EPL 2016-17 season preview). Maybe this is the year though all that changes and an underdog finally comes out on top of the Bundesliga. 

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